Dear User, welcome to Tajrobtak, you have the right to know that from the moment you have registered on our site, you have become an official partner, which means the Administrator will pay you for your reviews which you share them with others based on the views that your reviews will get after publishing them, do not rush, read and understand the rules and the information in the partnership program so you can get paid by us.

Based on what was already written in User Agreement, the partnership agreement in the partnership program reads as follows:

Tajrobtak, an entity acting on its own behalf and at its own expense, on the one hand (hereinafter referred to as the Administrator), and accepting an offer hosted on the Internet at (Partnership Program in the Partnership Agreement), an Internet user (hereinafter referred to as the User), has entered into this partnership agreement.


1. Terms and definitions


1.1. In this partnership program agreement, unless the text expressly states otherwise, the following terms will have the following meanings:

“Site” - Website located at             

"Active Account" is the Account of the User who had published at least 1 Review on the Site in the last 30 (thirty) calendar days.

“Review” or (feedback) is a literary work or a complex object, including literary and photographic works, created by the User in accordance with the Program, containing the User’s opinion about the Product which subjected to copyrights.

“Product” means a product, service, company, place (travel destination), an Internet site or another similar product which the User creates a Review about.

"Program" - This agreement on participation in the affiliate program.

"View" - Visiting the Site page with feedback (Review).

1.2. All other terms and definitions found in the text of the Program are interpreted by the administrator in accordance with the Agreement and the usual rules of interpretation of the relevant terms established on the Internet.
1.3. The titles (articles) of the Program are intended solely for the convenience of using the text of the Program and have no literal legal meaning.


2. The order of conclusion the program


2.1. The text of the Program is permanently posted on the Site at the network address , contains all the essential conditions and it is a public offer.
2.2. Appropriate acceptance of the offer is considered to be the consistent implementation of the following actions by the User:
2.2.1. Acquaintance with the terms of the Program (the user Agreement) and registration on the Site.
2.2.2. Pressing the button “Add your review” on the Website or the button “Write a review” in the Personal Account.
2.3. From the moment of performing the actions specified in clause 2.2 of the Program, the offer is considered as accepted, and the terms of the Program are binding on the User.
2.4. The administrator has the right to change the terms of the Program at any time, and the user is obliged to get acquainted with the Program before publishing each new Review, while publishing a new Review it will mean that the User accepts new conditions of the Program. In case of disagreement of the User with the new terms of the Program, the User does not have the right to publish new Reviews, while, if the amount of remuneration is not less than 10 dollars, the User has the right to contact the Administrator to withdraw funds remaining in the User’s account in accordance with the Program terms.


3. The subject of the Program


3.1. The purpose of the Affiliate program is to attract users and increase site traffic.
3.2. The User creates a review in accordance with the requirements of the Administrator specified in Section 4 of the Program, and the Administrator pays the User remuneration in accordance with the terms of the Program.


4. Review Requirements


4.1. Reviews should be devoted to a specific Product, which is present at the time of the preparation of the Review on the market and available to the mass consumer. The user undertakes to indicate the full name of the product in Arabic or English language, which includes an indication of the type of product, brand and product name.
4.2. Reviews should be issued in accordance with the requirements of the Administration of the site
4.3. The volume of the literary work in the composition of the Review for admission to publish must be at least 50 words.
4.4. To know more about review requirements read User Agreement.


5. User's remuneration and payment procedure


5.1. The user receives the following types of remuneration:
5.1.1. Views for posting reviews. The number of the views depends on the product/service category, the number of other reviews per topic, the quality, relevance, and usefulness of the review. The user can see how many views each review got in his own personal account “Reviews”. The biggest numbers of views are awarded for reviews in the following categories: “Beauty and Health”, “Auto”, “Technique”, “Finance”, “Tourism”.
5.1.2. Charges to the author for viewing reviews by other users of the site.
5.1.3. Charges for viewing reviews of authors who registered using the user's individual promotional code as part of the “Refer a Friend” program - 20% of charges for viewing reviews of specified users.
5.1.4. One-time charge in the amount of 50 cents in the case of registration using the promotional code of another user.
5.1.5. Charges for participation in public moderation, supervisors in the public moderation get paid after publishing “Reviews” of other users if the reviews do not violate the requirements of the website and could be published.
5.2. Remuneration for views is charged during the entire time a review is posted on the Site, provided that the user account is active. Remuneration is not charged if the User’s account ceases to be Active. Remuneration is not charged for reviews of less than 500 characters.
5.3. The Administrator keeps a record of the amount of the User’s remuneration, and information about the amount of the remuneration is available to the User in the Personal Account. The administrator updates information about the amount of remuneration of the User with an Active account once a day. If the User, whose account was not active, publishes a new Review, then his account is activated again. At the same time, for the payment of remuneration, views on previously published Reviews, received during the period when the user account was not active, are not accepted for calculation.
5.4. If the User’s remuneration amount is 10 (ten) dollars, the Administrator pays the amount calculated in accordance with clause 6.1 of the Program to the purse specified by the User in the billing page by the PayPal or Visa card number. The administrator pays a reward only on the basis of the application of the User, containing the details of the PayPal or Visa card of the User, performed in the Personal Account in the “Billing” section.
5.5. The user is solely responsible for the correctness of the wallet number “Paypal or Visa number” specified in the personal account. The transfer of remuneration according to the details specified in the User’s Personal Account is recognized by the Administrator’s proper payment obligation. All costs associated with the transfer of remuneration and withdrawal of the specified amount from the payment transferring by using PayPal or Visa card number, the User pays on his own.
5.6. The remuneration is not paid for the published Review, which was recognized by the Administrator as non-compliant with the requirements specified in Section 4 or with the User Agreement. The Administrator may make this decision independently regardless of regardless of the artistic value of the Reviews that was written if the Administrator sees that it’s better for his own benefits or the site benefits, including on the basis of negative ratings and comments from other Members.




6. Counting Views


6.1. Counting Views occurs automatically when using the Site’s software and the User agrees with the accuracy and reliability of such a calculation.
6.2. Views counting is suspended in the case when the User's account is no longer active and resumes after its re-activation.
6.3. When calculating Views are not counted if:
6.3.1. Views of the User who published the Review.
6.3.2. Repeated views of Users.
6.3.3. The views received as a result of the actions of the User referred to in clause 6.4 of the Program.
6.4. The user is prohibited from.
6.4.1. Increasing the number of views by visiting his own Review from another computer.
6.4.2. Increasing the number of views using spam and paid visitation systems.
6.4.3. Increasing the number of views using any technical means.
6.4.4. Using referral/affiliate links and codes in the Review; only direct links are allowed.
6.4.5. Contact someone with a request to view all User Reviews, including through Comments.
6.4.6. Post references to the Review in violation of clause 6.5 of the Program.
6.5. The user is allowed to post links to User Review:
6.5.1. In messages addressed to friends and acquaintances.
6.5.2. On the User’s blog, on personal pages on social network.
6.5.3. In discussion forums, including the signature of the User, if the subject of the review corresponds to the topic being discussed on the forum.



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