Samsung 8 the best phone!

Phone Samsung s8 - تقنيات

Advantages: Appearance, screen, speed. The phone is generally knocked out of the current reality, as once the iphone 2g! By the way, the comparison with iphone7 (I considered both options for the purchase) finally upset me as a fan of apple in the past. Alas, the era of apple in this market has passed. NFC with android pay works at lightning speed. A fingerprint is recognized quickly and accurately in 95 percent of cases.

Disadvantages: 1. The phone slips out of the pockets of any more or less free trousers in a sitting position (especially in the car). 2. The vaunted AKG headphones are completely upset. Headphones from iphone 5s play an order of magnitude better. However, they do not need me at all. 3. The back panel is blurry and scratched more than the display. That is, different materials of glass and an oleophobic coating are clearly used for the front and back. Those who, like I used to wear a phone without a case, will have to be careful. Glass is glass. 4. Sometimes at dusk it is not immediately possible to figure out where the display is, and where the back side is the consequences of the unibody design and symmetrically located lock and assistant buttons. The phone on both sides is almost the same to the touch except for the relief of the camera and the fingerprint sensor).

SUMMARY - the phone is super !!! The toad that choked before buying instantly calmed down in the very first hours of use.



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